OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing Hydrogel 100ml


OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing can be used to enhance the anti-ageing and firming results of the BodySculptor® Mask.

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OsmoSculpt® products use osmosis, a technique combining a smart hydrogel and advanced active ingredients to revitalise the skin. Hydrogels act like “osmotic pumps”, encouraging water molecules to migrate through the skin while stimulating cellular exchange and skin repair. These products provide enhanced hydration and boost the effectiveness of their active ingredients – while also being free from preservatives, fragrances and colourings – to protect the skin in an environmentally-friendly way. Their formulation ensures that the active ingredients are optimally distributed to the areas that require treatment, guaranteeing maximum tolerance and enhanced effectiveness for healthy skin. OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing uses the powerful active ingredient Matrixyl to stimulate collagen renewal, making skin smoother, more supple and more beautiful in just a few weeks. Its osmotic power deeply hydrates the skin, activating its repair processes and eliminating cellular waste. After several applications, skin is plumped up, smoothed and moisturised, revealing your natural beauty. This product can be used on its own, in the morning and at night, for visible regenerating and firming results in no time.

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The protocol

The key active ingredient in OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing is the world-renowned Matrixyl. Its biological messenger properties stimulate collagen renewal. In just a few weeks, it makes your skin smoother, more supple and more beautiful. Your skin is regenerated, and fine lines and wrinkles fade away.

Thanks to its osmotic power, OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing deeply hydrates* your skin. Once fully hydrated, your skin activates its natural repair and cellular waste elimination processes.

After just a few applications, your skin is plumped, smoothed and moisturised. Reveal your face and your beauty.

*hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

Hydrogel OsmoSculpt Anti-Age 100ml

How to use

Use on its own

OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing can be applied on its own in the morning and at night for renewed, firmer skin in just a few weeks.

Pour a generous dollop of OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing into the palm of your hand and apply from the bottom of the neck, working upwards towards the forehead as shown below. Use soft, smooth movements to avoid irritating the skin and to maintain its youthful appearance.



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Combined use of OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing + BodySculptor® Mask

OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing, applied under the BodySculptor® face strap, gives the skin a more radiant appearance, making it appear smoother and better hydrated from the very first application. With each session, the skin becomes firmer.
1. Apply a generous amount of OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing to the face and neck in the area where the BodySculptor® active strap will be worn. Rub the gel in thoroughly, wait a few moments for it to penetrate, and then put on the strap. OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing then activates the skin channels, as described, creating a perfect synergy during your BodySculptor® Mask session.

2. At the end of your session, reapply a generous amount of OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing to the entire face and neck and rub in using the gua sha to maximise the effects of the BodySculptor® Mask.


A study to investigate the effectiveness of the BodySculptor® Mask + OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing, carried out by Institut d’Expertise Clinique in January 2023 with 20 participants (5 men and 15 women) over a period of 6 weeks, demonstrated remarkable and statistically significant effectiveness on the main “anti-ageing” criteria shown below (see table).

The test concluded that there was a statistically significant improvement in ptosis (redefined facial oval), in the smoothness of the skin, in its radiance and hydration compared with initial assessments. A further statistically significant improvement in the severity of wrinkles and skin firmness was also observed, with twice as good results recorded at week 6 than in week 3.

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