Full body slimming and relaxation

The BodySculptor Reveal is the latest addition to the COSMOSOFT range.
In just a few sessions, it slims and sculpts your silhouette in half as many sessions as previous generations.
Proven results with an average loss of - 6.5 cm from the waist.

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COSMOSOFT is a French designer, manufacturer and distributor of BodySculptor professional slimming devices in the beauty sector since 2002.

After numerous studies and reseach on the unique and patented technology called BioStimology, Cosmosoft introduced in 2010 the health professional sector with the medical device Redustim, a device reducing the abdominal fat. 

Faced with the health crisis in 2020 and in order to respond to current trends in aesthetic care, the company decided to refocus on its iconic device, the BodySculptor, and to complement it with home devices : BodySculptor Move and FaceSculptor Lift ( www.mycosmosoft.com).

Cosmosoft thus offers “gentle” treatments with scientifically proven results. Intended for  beauty professionals (beauty salons, spas and thalassotherapy centres, etc.), Cosmosoft’s cosmetic devices are 100% hands-free.

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