Bodysculptor Reveal

BodySculptor® Reveal

The BodySculptor® Reveal is the latest addition to the BodySculptor® range. It benefits from the brand new “enhanced waves programme”.

BodySculptor® action zones

Refines the whole body


Reduces cellulite

Firms up the skin


Refines the oval of the face

Our slimming technology

The BodySculptor®’s low-frequency alternating bioenergy field stimulates the calcium channels in your muscle membranes, resulting in imperceptible muscle contractions.
These contractions use up energy, resulting in a slimmer figure.

The result? A slimmer, firmer, more toned physique. 

Before & after results
After 12 BodySculptor® sessions

Discover BodySculptor®

The BodySculptor® Reveal is 100% painless and safe. It provides a draining massage sensation while revealing your figure. A genuine beauty treatment as part of a well-being ritual.

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