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Redefining the oval of the face, improving double chin effects and achieving firmer, smoother and more toned skin… and all entirely pain free! With over 20 years of recognised expertise, Cosmosoft – one of the world leaders in slimming devices – has successfully miniaturised its leading technology to offer unprecedented anti-ageing results. The BodySculptor® Facelift Mask adjusts to your face and neck for a slimming, lifting and firming effect. Suitable for both men and women. In just one month, your face will appear slimmer, your features smoother and your skin firmer.


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 The BodySculptor® Mask stands out from other light therapy masks thanks to its unique technology. The mask’s low-intensity magnetic field gently stimulates the skin muscles on your face and neck, helping to refine the oval of your face, reduce double chin and firm up the neck.

But the BodySculptor® Mask doesn’t just stimulate microcirculation like existing massage devices with microcurrents. Its unique, patented mechanism is based on natural biological stimulation of muscle cells, which not only refines the oval of your face and eliminates any double chin, but also reinforces the firmness of the skin’s support tissue, helping to reduce signs of sagging skin towards the bottom of your face and neck.

The BodySculptor® Mask is the result of 20 years of research and the successful miniaturisation of our patented, 100% safe technology that has proved its worth in beauty salons around the world – BioStimology®. Scientifically proven, BioStimology® works on a very low-frequency magnetic field, capable of imperceptibly stimulating the skin’s underlying muscles, without any pain or uncomfortable muscle contractions.

A clinical study carried out with 20 participants showed visible results after 12 sessions spread over 4 weeks:

Average loss of 3.5ml of fat from the oval of the face (compared with 4ml for the average surgical facelift), with an average reduction of 17% in the volume of fat under the chin: a “facelift effect” without the lengthy recovery period.

Reshaping of the lower face and neck line with an average reduction of 16% in the chin-neck angle, without surgery or any other invasive method.

Obvious firming and improvement of skin texture on the face and neck due to the toning of the muscles in the lower face.


  • Redefines the oval of the face.
  • Improves double chin effects
  • Firms up the skin on the oval of the face and neck

Additional information

Weight 0,760 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 8 cm

Beige, Black

The results - Study 1

1/ Study carried out by Instituto de Fotomedicina in Barcelona

A clinical study conducted in Barcelona in June 2020 involving 20 people showed results similar to those of the brand’s professional devices. In 12 sessions over 4 weeks, participants saw:

  • An average loss of 3.5ml of fat from the jawline compared with 4ml for a surgical facelift, with an average reduction of 17.16% in the volume of fat under the chin: a “facelift effect” without the lengthy recovery period.
  • Reshaping of the lower face and neck line with an average reduction of 15.56% in the chin-neck angle, without surgery or any other invasive method.
  • Obvious firming and improvement of skin texture on the face and neck due to the toning of the muscles in the lower face.

The results - Study 2

Study carried out by Institut d'Expertise Clinique (IEC) in Lyon

Résultats Hydrogel Osmosculpt

A study to investigate the effectiveness of the FaceSculptor Lift + OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing, carried out by Institut d’Expertise Clinique in January 2023 on 20 people (5 men and 15 women) over a period of 6 weeks, demonstrated remarkable and statistically significant effectiveness on the main “anti-ageing” criteria shown above (see table).

Tests concluded that there was astatistically significant improvement in ptosis (redefined facial oval), in the smoothness of the skin, its radiance and hydration compared with initial assessments. A further statistically significant improvement in the severity of wrinkles and skin firmness was also observed, with twice as good results recorded at week 6 than in week 3.


The results - Study 3

3/ Study carried out by the Gredeco Laboratory in Paris

Résultats masque liftant visage Bodysculptor

This clinical study, carried out with the help of 14 women with moderate to significant sagging in the oval of the face, neck and décolletage, demonstrated and quantified the lifting and firming effect of the FaceSculptor Lift Mask when combined with an osmoactive anti-ageing gel after 35 days of use, 6 times per week.

On average, among the 14 volunteers, the following effects were significantly observed:

  • firmer skin around the oval of the face with a 20.2% reduction in their sagging score (Bazin), a 9.3% reduction in the R0 parameter (cutometer) and a 51.1% increase in dermal density measured by ultrasound
  • a more toned neck, with a 22.5% reduction in sagging score (Bazin)
  • smoother skin in the décolletage area, with a 30.8% reduction in ageing score (Landau).

The imperceptible contraction of the skin’s underlying muscle fibres induced by the mask is likely responsible for this firming effect, which can be seen in the refining of the facial contours. The use of osmoactive gel promotes skin microcirculation and can, through a cascade effect, induce visible collagen neosynthesis by increasing the density of the dermis.

The dermatological tolerance of the FaceSculptor Lift Mask when combined with osmoactive anti-ageing gel was excellent for everyone who took part in the study.

The set up

Installation du masque liftant Bodysculptor

The incredible synergy between the BodySculptor® Mask and OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing produces a dual benefit: reshaping the oval of the face and firming up the skin.

Before EVERY session, apply OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing to optimise reshaping and repair.

Pour a generous dollop of serum into the palm of your hand and apply the hydrogel from the bottom of the neck towards the chin and cheeks. Position a non-woven cloth or gauze to protect the bottom of your face and put on the BodySculptor® Mask face and neck active strap. The hydrogel will be absorbed during the session.

Where to use it ?

masque liftant double menton
appareil anti age visage

The BodySculptor® Mask can be used at home during any stationary activity:

  • When doing a daily activity (at the computer, on the telephone, cooking, etc.).
  • While resting (reading, watching television, etc.).

Mode of action

Masque liftant Bodysculptor mode d'action

The BodySculptor® Mask causes the muscles under the skin to contract imperceptibly.

This muscular contraction of the skin combined with the effects of OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing improves the firmness of the skin’s support tissue. It helps to erase the signs of tissue sagging.

A genuine technological revolution, the BodySculptor® Mask is the first mask aimed at facial contouring while reducing double chins and “buffalo humps” (at the back of the neck). With a strap that produces a bioenergetic field to activate fat release, it is also very effective against skin ageing when used in combination with OsmoSculpt® Anti-Ageing Hydrogel.

The box set

Your BodySculptor® Mask set includes:

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