Active osmotic serums

OsmoSculpt® products are preservative-free dermocosmetic products that actively respect your skin’s ecology. With a highly-concentrated formulation of slimming and anti-ageing ingredients, they perfectly complement Cosmosoft devices and greatly optimise their efficacy.

Activate your skin’s natural functions

Osmosis is the magic formula behind OsmoSculpt® products. The combined action of a smart hydrogel and proven, latest-generation active ingredients brings your beauty rituals to life. 

OsmoSculpt® hydrogels act like an “osmotic pump”, allowing water molecules to migrate to the surface through the skin tissue, behaving like activators of your skin’s restructuring.

In this way, OsmoSculpt® hydrogels increase cellular exchanges and skin oxygenation, stimulating the skin’s natural repair promoters.

OsmoSculpt®: a reinforced moisturising effect* that intensifies active ingredients. 

The properties of OsmoSculpt® open up a whole new way of caring for fragile skin or skin that has been weakened by harsh environmental effects. The products are self-protected, meaning no preservatives are required. 

OsmoSculpt® products are free from fragrances and colourings, which further enhances the protection of your skin’s ecology.

What’s more, OsmoSculpt® hydrogels are specially formulated to deliver the active ingredients more effectively to the areas that need them. 

The OsmoSculpt® range therefore guarantees maximum tolerance** and optimal effectiveness to maintain truly healthy skin.

*Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

** Tolerance tested under dermatological control

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