The slimming abdominal belt for waist, stomach and hips


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Now you can have a slimmer waist and hips without any effort, tone up your tummy without pain, get firmer abdominal tissue without exercising, and even improve your skin’s texture without massage. With over 20 years of recognised expertise, Cosmosoft – one of the world leaders in slimming devices – has successfully miniaturised its leading technology to offer unprecedented results. The BodySculptor® Slimming Belt adjusts to fit all body sizes, slims, tones, firms up and improves skin texture. Suitable for both men and women. Proven to help you drop a clothes size in just one month.

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The BodySculptor® Belt isn’t like the electrostimulation belts you may have heard of thanks to its gentle, pleasant technology. The belt’s low-intensity magnetic field stimulates the muscles imperceptibly, unlike electrostimulation belts, which target the muscle to increase its mass. The BodySculptor® Belt doesn’t just make you lose water, like a sweat belt, it also induces energy consumption, which leads to effective and long-lasting slimming. The BodySculptor® Belt technology is unique, with the proven promise of dropping a clothes size in just one month! The BodySculptor® Slimming Belt is the result of 20 years of research and the successful miniaturisation of our patented, 100% safe technology that has proved its worth in beauty salons around the world – BioStimology®. Scientifically proven, BioStimology® works on a very low-frequency magnetic field, capable of imperceptibly stimulating the abdominal muscles. These natural contractions lead to an increase in energy consumption, just like sustained physical exercise. And all without any pain or noticeable muscle contractions. BODYSCULPTOR® SLIMMING BELT PROMISES:

  • Lose inches around your waist and hips (up to 1 clothes size or more)
  • Improved skin texture
  • Firmer skin

Additional information


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The protocol

ceinture amincissante Bodysculptor avant après
  • Frequency: 3 to 4 times per week
  • Session length: 60 minutes
  • Course of treatment: Minimum 12 sessions
  • Good to know: the BodySculptor® Belt can be used more frequently, even on a daily basis. There are no side effects associated with intensive use.

Results after 12 sessions: 

Slimmer figure

of the skin

The results

A clinical study carried out by the Gredeco Dermatology and Cosmetology Research and Assessment Group in Paris in May 2024 with 18 participants (15 women and 3 men) demonstrated a change in waist circumference at 30, 60 and 90 days, as well as a firming effect on the skin, without any effort, and without any associated cosmetics or specific diet:

  • Average loss of one clothes size, i.e. a loss of 3.58cm from the waistline.

Good to know: these results were achieved after 3 months (90 days) with one session a day, 5 times a week for 60 minutes. You can achieve even better slimming results by using the device for more than 3 months. After all, the more sessions you do, the more you’ll lose! 

The set up

The incredible synergy between the BodySculptor® Belt and OsmoSculpt® Anti-Cellulite produces a dual benefit: reshaping the body and firming up the skin.

  • Apply OsmoSculpt® Anti-Cellulite Hydrogel to the thighs, hips and stomach.
  • Protect belts using non-woven cloths.
  • Put on the belts and start the session.

Where to use it ?

The BodySculptor® Belt is ergonomic and designed for use whenever and wherever you like.

Slim and discreet, it can be worn invisibly under clothing and can be switched on whenever it suits you:

  • At home
  • When travelling: by car, on public transport, by bike, etc.
  • While exercising: gym, walking, running, etc.

Good to know: when used in combination with physical exercise, the BodySculptor® Belt can help you achieve even better results.

Mode of action

The BodySculptor® Belt causes imperceptible contractions
of the muscles under the skin.

The energy (ATP) required for this muscle contraction is
provided by burning subcutaneous fat.

This therefore promotes the unlocking of adipose cells, releasing energy and burning excess fatty acids.
Over the sessions, the stomach becomes more toned and a specific reduction in body fat can be seen in the abdomen.

The box set

Your BodySculptor® Belt set includes:

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