An Anti-Cellulite Slimming machine and 100% hands-free technology

For lasting and efficient slimming and tightening results.

A proven innovative technology; safe, painless and relaxing

Spectacular thinning of the silhouette by up to 2 clothes sizes in no more than 12 sessions.

OsmoSculpt The first line of Spa Serums without preservatives that acts in synergy with BodySculptor.

Skin structure improvement, Reduction of cellulite and increased skin firmness.

Success Stories


“Seduced by the concept that combines aesthetics and coaching, we have immediately placed our trust in this device.We have tested it for you on a panel of our members. Results: 100% success rate! From the 1 cm causing the trousers to lack style to the -9 cm of waist circumference… BodySculptor is the real solution for all women.”


“The beauty salon where I go had just acquired a BodySculptor presented as a real solution for slimming and firming.Out of curiosity, I wanted to test it.After 12 sessions with the device, I had lost 8 cm of waist circumference and my skin recovered the firmness of my 30ies.I am very happy with the results.!”


“I am very satisfied with the BodySculptor device; the customers’ feedback is excellent.The installation and the use are easy.The care is both pleasant and efficient; the cm reductions are significant in particular at the waist and hips levels.”

Who are we ?

With more than 15 years expertise in the fields of BioMagnetic fields use and slimming programs, Cosmosoft® is active today in the beauty,  health and fitness industries. Determined to offer ever higher performing and innovative equipments, to serve its customers and users, Cosmosoft presents in 2014 its new line of 3rd Generation BodySculptor devices.

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