Body regime

6 sessions of BodySculptor Reveal + discount off a BodySculptor Move slimming belt to boost inch loss from your waist

The slimming solution used by leading institutes, available for home use

The Bodysculptor Move belt is wireless and can be used during your daily activities (at home, at work, while you do sport, in the car, etc.) to complement your BodySculptor Reveal sessions without the need to travel.
For proven and long-lasting inch loss.

your Results:

  • – Visibly slimmer waist (average loss of one dress size in a month)
  • – Abdominal weight loss
  • – Improved texture of the skin
  • – Firmer skin tissue

* results achieved after 12 sessions over 4 weeks during a clinical study carried out in 2020 on 20 people.

Face regime

6 sessions of BodySculptor Reveal + discount off a ‘lifting effect’ FaceSculptor Lift face mask to revitalise your features and reverse the signs of ageing.

A real lifting effect in the comfort of your own home

A magic wireless mask with visible results. After just a few sessions, your skin is firmer, smoother and more toned. Long-lasting and painless.

your Results:

  • – Erases double chin effect
       (average reduction* of 17% in terms of volume)
  • – Redefines the oval of the face
       (average reduction* of 15.5%)
  • – Firms the skin on the neck and chest
  • – Completely discreet: no marks or scars, etc.

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